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Please note the following:

This page will outline the rules & regulations for all enlisted personnel within 45 Commando.

All members within this unit are required to follow these rules, in or out of game.

Any inconsistencies or suggestions to better these rules can be discussed with the command staff.

In-game rules are as follows:

1. Any intentional Team Killing will be dealt with accordingly, If a "Blue on Blue" incident were to occur, attempt to resuscitate the individual and apologize afterwards.

2. Obey orders from Superiors, This is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable game, These orders can be from a Lance Corporal to a Lieutenant and must be followed, Insubordination will be dealt with accordingly.

3. Follow the Rules Of Engagement (ROE) accordingly, when on deployment, the ROE will be explained during said mission briefing. These are to be followed to the letter.

4. Aviation and MCC permissions may only be granted by staff, this is self-explanatory, command staff and higher may grant permission to said items.

5. All personnel's weapons must be on safety while on the premises of a friendly facility. This is to stop unintentional discharges (negligent discharge).

Teamspeak rules are as follows:

1. All members will conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times.

2. Personal pictures or information about other members will not be made public without the consent of the owner.

3. The following behaviors will not be tolerated:

- Personal abuse of unit members.

- Racist comments regarding members.

- Bullying of any form.

- Deliberate exclusion of other unit members.

- Displaying of inappropriate, offensive, or vulgar images.

- Trolling and damage to software or operating systems.

- Use of Soundboards / Voice Changers is not permitted without consent from the users in the channel.

4. Members will be responsible for any non unit guests introduced via servers, teamspeak, or website and will held accountable for their actions.

5. We reserve the right to kick, ban, or remove persons by any means if it deems that it is necessary for whatever reason.

Operational rules are as follows:

1: Your In-game Name should be your Teamspeak name.

2. Members will follow orders from NCO's/Officers, and must also show respect to all members.

3. During training or operations Members will uphold the most professional manner during the whole duration.

4. During training or operations all Members will respect and preserve unit resources and assets whenever possible.

5. "Tactical Realism” will be kept true and all members will do what is needed to immerse themselves into that role to an extent.


1. Any members caught Multi-clanning (Enlisted within another unit);

2. If the person is caught on another ARMA 3 realism unit they will be told by Staff that they have 12 hours to choose.

3. The perpetrator would be Dishonorably Discharged from the unit with a Permanent Ban from both Teamspeak and the Game Servers.


1. No irrelevant or immature forum posts.

2. No spamming the same thread.

3. No posting indecent or pornographic threads, links, pictures or websites.

4. Always use your in-game and teamspeak name.

5. Respect other users. No trash talking.

Utilize the Chain of Command

1. Follow orders. If you have an issue, discuss it later during an AAR or in private.

2. Conduct yourself professionally and play to the best of your ability.

3. If you are in a leadership position, do not abuse your power.

4. Training and Operations are mandatory. Post in the LOA Thread if you are unable to attend.

5. Absolutely no cheating. If you cheat on any server (ours or otherwise) you will be removed from the unit.

Violation of Conduct

1. Violating our rules of conduct will result in action. Depending on the situation the possibilities include:

2. Immediate Discharge

3. A loss of position or responsibilities/privileges/rank.

4. Probation.

5. All of the above.